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Essential Eyewear

Quality eyewear is hard to find. That is why we allow only professional, experienced labs to create the lenses you are going to depend for your daily vision. We offer a wide range of frames including many popular designer styles and several different types of lenses, including transitions and progressive. Polarized sun lenses, blue light and non-glare lenses are also available.

Guaranteed Fit on Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide patients with flexibility and freedom from their glasses. Contrary to popular myths, most people can be fit with contact lenses. Soft toric lenses (for astigmatism), disposable lenses, bifocal contact lenses, and gas permeable contact lenses allows for more patients to be successfully fit. Ask about our guaranteed fit policy with regards to contacts.

Sunglass Selection

In addition to our eyeglasses, we also offer a large selection of fashionable sunglasses. They are essential in helping to protect your eyes from the UV rays and blue light from the sun. We have recently added a new and exciting Rio Ray line that has very affordable package pricing, be sure to ask about it! 

Eye Supplements

Keep your eyes healthy with our restorative eye supplements. We offer Eye Promise Restore made by Zeavision, which helps fight macular degeneration and EZ Tears, a supplement for patients who suffer from dry eyes. We also carry a variety of tear products that are very helpful for patients suffering from dry eyes.

Quality Lenses

At CEC, your satisfaction is our primary concern. Along with helping our own patients, we are happy to accommodate those wanting to bring in prescriptions from an outside source. We provide the highest quality lenses, featuring such brands as Kodak, Transitions, and Essilor Eyezen. Frames purchased through our office are adjusted free of charge!

Check out some of our top designer frames pictured below* 

*Subject to availability. Call to see what we have in stock.

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